Oh, as the sun reaches down to meet the sea

fingers lusty and bright, blood so deep

seeps into my winter fleece

like a vine I wind around all

who bring me closer to his yellow cheek

and they to me, as we seek our brawn

in each curling step of constant dawn.

Ah, as the moon softly cloaks my eyes

I glisten bend embrace, with wonder and delight

her milky hips roam so lithe

as she skinny dips in her own sultry dance

each wave an unguent that insinuates into airy night

her ivory arms tenderly caress the foam

the humus and me, her once and future home.

Ooh la la, I sing each passing

each rhythm of tides I drink

to the sweet memory of strangers and allies

who tread the briny brink,

walked the desert dry

tunneled through caverns, alighted

and joined in flight.

Twinkly eyes spread out upon the evening’s robes

beckon taunt and wink, to all who open

even for a blink.

Rays of promise hearken, intent to find

creepers, born of wanting and giving back in kind.

Now,  I pledge my love for you dear friend

and penned this song

to be sung when next we meet

(you know I will extemporize)

May we always share our hearts

our lives and visions.

I am happy to come to you

or you to me or perhaps,

there is a compromise,

some other provision?

© 2010 by Karen Fox