Ladies and Gentelmen-
Welcome to the world wide web… the stuff that dreams are made of…and everything you could want for your viewing pleasure, your mental leisure, your prurient malfeasance, your intellectual impedance, your idle bandwidth, your active forthwith, your spiritual conundrum, your secular humdrum… Want to dance in step with the malingering masquerades gamboling round the airwaves? Look no further! Here they are chewed into bytes of sound and light. Want to swing with those artful yet curious quips of equiponderance? Look no further! Here they are stamped into images of universal admittance. No further look… for your vocal obsession, your bouts of depression, successions of cessations of suasions of successful promulgations–s-s-s, watchful, wakeful, wrathful, wasteful, tasteful and distasteful… and everything in between… all according to what is seen… all according to the season (no need to worry about rhyme or reason)… according all to our very best source, our first hand accounts, our grand inquisitors’ finest, tantamount to glorious you-know-who his highness, ‘in Excelsis Deo’, the everlasting ever ready watchful eye of our omnipresent effervescent omnivorous omniscient precision instrument, the way and mean, (projector and screen) weighing in at a mere kilobyte (derived by the golden section), in accordance with natural selection… we accord our beliefs and our vision to a virtual world, a binary code, a perpetual web of spin, we circle, we whirl ad infinitum (much to our chagrin)… and yet, the hour is late and one must soothe one’s weariness with sweet repast, light entertainment,  gaming, perhaps a gamble, a tumble a ramble de voyeur. Nothing that could hurt a fly…”come into my parlor…” And welcome… please include at least one uppercase letter and one number to insure that your password is secure.